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Art Core is a  partner for independent music artists seeking to expand their brand and reach a larger audience.

We assist independent artist:

  1. Tailored Strategies: With personalized promotion and marketing strategies for each artist based on their genre, target audience, and goals. What works for one artist may not necessarily work for another, so customization is key.

  2. Online Presence: We help artists establish and maintain a strong online presence across various platforms such as social media, streaming services, and their own website. We offer consistent branding and engaging content to attract and retain fans.

  3. Networking Opportunities: We facilitate connections between artists and industry professionals, including other musicians, producers, promoters, and journalists. By building a supportive network we can help artists open doors to collaborations, gigs, and media coverage.

  4. Performance Opportunities: We assist artists in booking live performances at venues, festivals, and events. Our live shows are invaluable for artists by connecting them with fans on a personal level and building a loyal fanbase.

  5. Content Creation: We provide support in creating high-quality content such as music videos, promotional photos, and merchandise. We can help you with visual content can help convey the artist's identity and attract new followers.

  6. Analytics and Feedback: We use analytics tools to track the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and gather feedback from fans. The data will be refined for future marketing strategies and tailor them to the preferences of the target audience.

  7. Education and Resources: We offer educational resources and workshops to help artists develop their skills in areas such as marketing, branding, and music production. This helps to empowering artists with knowledge can enable artists to take control of their own careers.

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Body Snatchers
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New Generation
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